“Increasingly wintry” weather, possibly snow, in Northampton this week

A tree came down on the A508 near Roade.
A tree came down on the A508 near Roade.

Forecasters are warning people in Northamptonshire to expect heavy rain in the next few days which will turn “increasingly wintry” culminating in possible snow flurries on Thursday.

Mike Lewis, station manager at Pitsford Hall Weather Station, stated in his latest forecast that temperatures were expected to drop during the next few days.

He said: “As the low continues to head southwards on Wednesday, we will see a switch to an easterly flow. Winds will remain gentle to moderate and there will be some showers and/or longer spells of rain.

“The showers will turn increasingly wintry overnight into Thursday which could see some flurries of snow, mainly during the early morning and returning through the afternoon.”

Meanwhile, freak thunder and lightning storm on Saturday swept across Northamptonshire and caused a tree to fall down on the A508 near Roade.