'Inadequate' Northampton academy takes steps towards making a comeback, inspectors say

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A Northampton primary that failed every area of its Ofsted inspection last year is making "steady progress" towards turning itself around.

Last November, inspectors slammed Weston Favell Academy, in Booth Lane South, The Arbours, for its "weak" governance by the Greenwood Dale Foundation Trust and branded it as a school where "pupils have underachieved for too long".

They graded the academy "inadequate" in all areas and placed it in special measures, the worst possible rating possible from an Ofsted inspection.

The principal at the time, Rachel Steele, challenged the report and said it did not "give the academy the recognition it deserves". Mrs Steele left the school in August ahead of the new school year.

Now, Ofsted has published a report from a monitoring inspection carried out in early November and say the school is taking "effective action" to leave special measures.

The report, published November 10, says: "[There have been] an improvement across many aspects of the school's provision, particularly in pupils' achievements.

"However, inconsistencies in both leadership and the quality of teaching, which have led to continued underachievement in some subjects.

"The new principal [Lorna Leventhal] has acted quickly to raise the expectations of all members of the school community... She has made her high expectations in relation to pupils’ attendance and progress clear for ‘every pupil, every subject, every grade’".

However. the monitoring inspection has no bearing on the school's Ofsted rating.