‘Improvements’ to Northamptonshire bridge causing near-misses

Hardwater Road bridge
Hardwater Road bridge

Motorists using a recently repaired bridge in Northamptonshire are concerned that new barriers obscure oncoming traffic.

The curved and humped bridge over the Nene forms part of Hardwater Road near Great Doddington and recently underwent extensive renovation.

As a result, new roadside barriers are blocking the view of the drivers who are expected to give way when they come from the direction of Earls Barton.

Trevor Holman,a motorist, said: “The ludicrous design and safety features mean its virtually impossible to see if any vehicles are coming.

“I’ve seen lots of near-misses - two of them involving my own car on Saturday.

“It’s very, very dangerous.”

It is understood that the bridge, which straddles the island that hosts The Old Watermill bed and breakfast, was closed to allow strengthening works.

But extra fencing means those approaching the bridge hump from the direction of Earls Barton - even though they are supposed to give way - can no longer see round the corner to spot oncoming vehicles.

In a ten-minute period yesterday, the Chron observed vehicles take evasive action three times to avoid a crash.

Northamptonshire County Council, which is the highways authority, said there have been no recorded collisions since at least February 2014.

She said: “Last August we cut back some vegetation in response to some calls from members of the public.

“We haven’t received any further calls since this action was taken, but will monitor the situation to see whether any further cutting back is required.”