‘If you don’t give a monkey’s carry on, if you do, stop’: Northampton shopkeeper’s rant over spray-painted parking sign

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A DIY store manager angered by vandals who defaced a parking sign got revenge by posting his own sign explaining why they were hindering local businesses.

The sign was put up by Northamptonshire County Council in Milton Street, Kingsley, to designate timed parking bays outside businesses.

Christian McFarquhar, owner of nearby One Stop DIY said he had asked drivers to move from the bays a number of times as they were overstaying.

Now, after someone painted over the sign in frustration, Mr McFarquhar retaliated by leaving a note attached to the sign explaining how businesses suffer if bays cannot be accessed by their customers.

Part of it reads: “The parking bays are there to try to keep a steady turnover of people coming and going through the day and using the shops in Kingsley.

“If you want to live in a rundown area like so many small towns have become and you don’t give a monkey’s about any other people, carry on. But, if you do, how about stopping. PRAT.” Mr McFarquhar said he had been given positive feedback from customers for his actions.

He said: “It’s very frustrating that you can explain nicely to people why they shouldn’t misuse the bays and it results in vandalism.

“People have said well done for taking a stand but I should also probably have mentioned that painting over the sign doesn’t make it legal to park there.

“They obviously don’t understand the law.”