‘I was lucky I wasn’t killed’, says Northampton victim of wheelie bin arson

Firefighters were called to the scene
Firefighters were called to the scene

Police are investigating three fires set outside Northampton homes within streets of each other after one saw a house catch fire.

A fire crew was called to three emergencies in a row from 11.15pm onwards in Lings on Wednesday night.

I just want to warn people not to leave their bin directly outside your house

Arson victim

The first was a mattress and other rubbish in Old Barn Court, the second at about 11.30pm saw a wheelie bin set alight outside a house in Waypost Court and the third at 11.45pm saw another wheelie bin set on fire in Stonebridge Court.

In the second fire the bin was less than four metres from the house and, as well as the porch sustaining fire damage, its guttering also caught fire.

The flames were spotted by two Polish neighbours who happened to be outside their own house as the fire took hold.

The 61 year-old woman occupant, who asked not to be named, said: “This could have been far worse. I was lucky I wasn’t killed.

“If my neighbours hadn’t banged on the door to get me up who knows what could have happened.

“The police have since told me they are taking this very seriously.”

The bin had contained discarded wallpaper, which was well alight by the time she came outside.

Trained in some basics of fire safety due to her job, she managed to control the blaze using water from a garden hose on the flames, which she said were eight foot high.

It was later found that the heat had cracked the window of her next door neighbour’s kitchen.

She said: “I just want to warn people not to leave their bin directly outside your house as a fire there can put your life in danger. Other people may not be as fortunate as I was.”

A police spokeswoman said officers had been informed by the fire service after the flames were extinguished.

She said: “We’re investigating the circumstances of the three fires, which we are treating as arson.”