'I thought I was going hopping mad': Wallaby spotted crossing the road in Northampton

A hopping wallaby gave a Northampton woman a shock when it bounded in front of her car on the way to work yesterday.

Thursday, 23rd May 2019, 2:31 pm
A wallaby has been seen crossing the road near Hunsbury Meadows. Stock image only.

Interior designer Cate Kutas was driving from Rothersthorpe to Dallington to meet a customer yesterday, passing through the Hunsbury Meadows area at around 10.45am.

But as she made her way over the canal on Banbury Lane and came alongside the children's play area next to the meadows, she noticed an unusual site.

A wallaby - a hopping marsupial not too dissimilar to a kangaroo - bounded across the road in front of her.

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"I first thought to myself, 'am I going mad'? She said.

"It hopped across the road there and disappeared into the children's' play area."

Cate, 55, was unable to get a picture of the creature, which disappeared into a bush. However, she said it was unmistakably a wallaby.

It would not be the first time the marsupial - indigenous to Australia - has been spotted in Northamptonshire. In 2015 there were numerous sightings of a rare, albino white wallaby, in the Salcey Forest area.

It was later found dead in a farmers' field after suffering what was believed to be a dog attack.

If you spot the wallaby in the Hunsbury area, get in touch with us here at the Chronicle and Echo be emailing [email protected]