‘I guarantee I will reoffend again’ Northampton burglar shouts at judge after being jailed for raid on newly-weds’ home

Mathew Griffiths, aged 29, has 29 convictions for 52 offences
Mathew Griffiths, aged 29, has 29 convictions for 52 offences

An unrepentant burglar who stole thousands of pounds from the home of a newlywed couple told a judge he would start reoffending as soon as he got out of prison.

Mathew Griffiths, aged 29, of Fishers Close, Little Billing, ruined the first few months of a Northampton couple’s marriage after he ransacked their house while they were away on honeymoon.

Northampton Crown Court heard that the couple returned to their home in Lumbertubs on October 24 to find that a large amount of electrical goods and personal items had been stolen, including their Volkswagen Golf car.

Jonathan Dunne, prosecuting, said, as well as the theft of the items, Griffiths caused extensive damage to the property after he poured bleach all over the carpets to clear up some blood he left at the scene after he cut himself.

Mr Dunne said the couple returned to their home to find the patio doors had been forced open, and a garage door had been forced ajar with a crow bar.

Two laptops, an Apple TV, clothing and an iPad had been stolen, as well as a number of items of personal jewellery, including a gold locket with a picture inside and a ring.

The couple also lost £1,200 in cash which was locked in a filing cabinet, which belonged to a club where the wife was treasurer.

Griffiths was arrested after forensic officers recovered blood from the scene and analysed data on his ‘buddy tag’, which showed he was in the area when the burglary happened.

Mr Dunne said the burglary had a “massive impact” on the newlywed couple as they had suffered financially and emotionally.

He said: “The couple feel violated that someone has been in their property and gone through all their belongings.

“They worked hard to be able to afford all their electrical items and there were items of sentimental value they will never be able to replace.

“They feel the burglary has completely overshadowed their wedding, and they have not been able to enjoy their first few months of marriage or reminisce about their honeymoon.”

The court heard that Griffiths was a prolific offender who had 29 convictions for 52 offences, mainly for non-domestic burglary.

Griffiths was also on licence after being given a suspended jail sentence in March this year.

William Falshaw, mitigating, said Griffiths had been “invited” to take part in the burglary with two other people to get money to feed his drug addiction.

Recorder Adrian Jack sentenced Griffiths, who pleaded guilty to burglary, to three years and four months in jail.

As he was being led down to the cells, Griffiths shouted across the court: “I guarantee I will be back in the Crown Court. When I get out, I will start again.”