Huge donation by cancer charity sees fund for Northampton General Hospital chemo suite top £250k

The Crazy Hats team
The Crazy Hats team

A fundraising appeal to refurbish the chemotherapy suite at Northampton General Hospital has reached quarter of a million pounds after a donation by cancer charity Crazy Hats.

The Northamptonshire charity, which raises money to improve breast cancer care in the county, presented a £30,000 cheque to the chemotherapy suite appeal, taking the total raised so far to £250,000.

Participants in the annual Crazy Hats walk at Wicksteed Park raised the latest amount earlier this year and it has been earmarked to pay for the cost of refurbishing the treatment preparation room.

NGH Chief executive Dr Sonia Swart said: “We’re very grateful to the Crazy Hats team for their tireless fundraising and all they do to help improve the experience of women undergoing and recovering from breast cancer treatment.

“Thanks to the inspirational leadership of Glennis Hooper and the dedication of her volunteers, thousands of local women have benefited from equipment and facilities that would otherwise not have been available.”

Currently divided into two rooms, doctors say the treatment preparation are does not make the best use of space.

NGH readily admits the area is cramped and the layout is not efficient.

However, the new design will see individual work stations for nurses so they can work more effectively and at the correct height. The storage and computer areas are also designed to maximise the working space.

Glennis Hooper, Crazy Hats’ executive fundraiser, said: “We are delighted to be able to present NGH with £30,000 for this very worthwhile project.

This brings the total we have given to the hospital to over £850,000 in the past thirteen years.

“We look forward to supporting them more in the future and we thank everyone who has helped us to help you.”

The chemotherapy appeal is being coordinated by Northamptonshire Health Charitable Fund with the aim of making patients’ stays more comfortable and improve the working environment for the oncology team.

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