Housing association says Northampton house with hole in wall caused by car crash is 'fine to move back into'

A housing association has told a Northampton man he and his family can move back into his house after a car rammed into it two weeks ago - despite doing nothing to repair the damage.

Tuesday, 30th May 2017, 5:41 pm
Updated Sunday, 4th June 2017, 10:01 pm
A surveyor deemed Mr Onungwa's house as safe to move back into.

Edward Onungwa, 44, from Malthouse Close,Southbridge, Northampton, came home from work on May 14 to find four fire engines in his street and a car in his downstairs toilet.

The crash had caused extensive damage and the family was put up in a hotel by their housing association, Home Group.

But when Home Group called Mr Onungwa three days later to say he could move back in, he returned home to find the hole in his house untouched.

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Edward Onungwa says he does not feel safe in the house after the crash.

Mr Onungwa said: "My wife and four children were in the house when the car crashed. They were unhurt but badly shocked."

"It has been emotionally upsetting and stressful for all of us. We have moved between three different hotels in 12 days. And when we came back to the house we found nothing had been done about the damage.

"They want me to live here. There is no gas. It doesn't feel safe. There has been no communication. When I call them it is like they are interrogating me."

A surveyor eventually came to brace the unsecured guttering and put up wooden plywood panelling - but only after Mr Onungwa told Home Group he would be contacting the Chronicle & Echo.

Edward Onungwa says he does not feel safe in the house after the crash.

Mr Onungwa said: "They turned the gas off when they first came. Then they put the panelling up in front of the meter so I can't turn it back on. It feels like there's no end in sight."

The family are still living in a hotel.

Diane Rose, performance leader for Home Group, said: "We instructed a structural surveyor to ensure that the property was safe. As it was only the downstairs WC that was affected the property was deemed safe to return to.

"The gas was not affected by the damage to the property but was temporarily isolated while the property was empty as a safety precaution.

"Home Group has put the schedule of works out to tender and a contractor will be appointed to carry out the repairs as soon as practically possible."