Hospital warning after rise in sledging accidents injuring “sensitive areas”

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People are being warned to take care playing in the snow after Northampton General Hospital revealed a surge of sledging-related accidents.

Although the overall number of people attending its accident and emergency department has not increased, hospital bosses admitted there has been a “big rise” in sledging accidents causing injuries to “sensitive areas”.

A spokesman for the hospital said: “We have seen around twice the number of fractures as normal in the last couple of days.

“Some people have taken heavy falls in the poor conditions, meaning that we have had quite nasty fractures to deal with. Injuries have mainly affected wrists, ankles, lower legs and shoulders.

“Sledges seem to be very popular this year, and we have seen a big rise in sledging accidents, caused in many cases by collisions with trees.

“These have resulted in injuries to all parts of the body, including some very sensitive areas.”

People are being urged to take care whether playing in the snow or getting across the county.”