Historical Northampton chip shop reopens under new management

College Street Chippy opens under new management
College Street Chippy opens under new management

A popular chip shop in Northampton has reopened this week under new management.

The College Street Chippy, off Gold Street in the town centre, was taken over earlier in the year by Sean Osmond and his wife, Tulin, owners of Jenny’s restaurant also on Gold Street.

Mr Osmond, aged 44, said: “This place had a great reputation in the town and we want to revive and improve it. It’s not been a bad start so far and we have had lots of positive comments.

“The traditional fish and chip menu has stayed more or less the same, but we are bringing our unique style of cooking, which includes using only fresh-cut chips.”

The newly opened restaurant seats 60 and will be open Monday to Saturday from 11am to 9pm.

While its well-known name will stay the same, the Osmonds have applied for a council grant to buy a new sign for the front of the shop.

They have already spent the past month decorating the interior, adding new tablecloths and posters of British seaside towns.

College Street Chippy was closed at the end of last year after the former owners said that newly painted double-yellow lines on the road outside had discouraged customers.

Mr Osmond, from Wootton, said: “Our customers in Jenny’s always used to tell us how good it was, so we took the opportunity to bring it back.

“I believe it’s one of the oldest chip shops in town. The owner, who first opened it more than 50 years ago, is now in his eighties.”

Customers to the newly opened restaurant can enjoy a medium-sized cod and chips for £5.65, and there are special rates for pensioners too.