Hidden secrets of World War 2

Audiences can be transported back to the 1940s with a story all about Bletchley Park.

That Is All You Need To Know looks at the untold secrets of the remarkable men and women who cracked the Enigma code. The piece of visual theatre can be seen at The Castle in Wellingborough on Tuesday starting at 7.30pm.

The play features an eccentric country house whose grounds, filled with chess champions, Oxbridge graduates and young debutantes, that the melting pot of Britain’s greatest minds.

Among these were the visionary Alan Turing, the exceptional Gordon Welchman and the thousands of dynamic women whose work was the hidden heroism of the war.

This play is a celebration of humanities ability to solve the impossible, to crack the most complex of problems, and of the extraordinary people whose quiet work changed the course of our history.

Idle Motion who are performing the show have a huge passion for creating beautiful new work. They create highly visual theatre that places human stories at the heart of their work.

Tickets are priced between £12 and £14 and can be purchased by calling the Box Office on 01933 270 007 or online at www.thecastle.org.uk.