Hefty fines dished out to people who left out bin bags beside wheelie bins in Northampton

Northampton Magistrates Court NNL-150303-120601001
Northampton Magistrates Court NNL-150303-120601001

Fines of up to £500 have been handed out to four people in Northampton for putting out black bin bags alongside their wheelie bins for collection.

Aaron Aucott, Stacey Brittain and Daniel Simpson, of Great Meadow in Blackthorn and Richard Wallter, of Booth Meadow Court, Thorplands, were summoned to attend Northampton Magistrates’ Court yesterday for failing to comply with household waste collection rules under the Environmental Protection Act.

They were called to court as a result of leaving out rubbish alongside their wheelie bins on a collection day, despite previously receiving a “section 46” warning from the council stating they would be prosecuted for doing so.

Each then did not pay the resulting £80 fine.

Aucott, who represented himself in court to plead guilty to the offence, received total fines of £270, despite only leaving out a single sack of rubbish on February 25 this year, which council wardens spotted on an inspection of the Thorplands area.

Sentencing him, presiding magistrate Peter Riley, said: “You were offered an £80 fine, which would have been reduced to £50 if paid within 10 days.

“But you declined to pay it, which is why you are here.”

In all the cases correspondence found within the rubbish sacks could be traced back to the offenders.

Aucott entered no mitigation in court yesterday.

Brittain, Simpson and Walter were found guilty in their absence and handed out total fines of £570, which included court costs of £400.