Heavy snow due to hit Northamptonshire again today

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Heavy snow is set to hit Northamptonshire again today after bad weather at the beginning of the week saw more than 100 schools close their doors.

The period of intense snowfall from the early hours of Sunday morning into Monday meant that more than 100 schools in the county were shut for the first day of the week.

More heavy snow is expected to fall this evening but weather forecasts suggest that it will turn into rain overnight.

About 16 schools battled through the bad weather to run their classes on Monday and these included Rectory Farm Primary School, Duston Eldean Primary School, Brixworth Primary School and Northampton Academy.

Anne Smith, headteacher at Barry Road Primary School, which was open during the snow, said: “Whether to open in snow or not is a really hard decision for any headteacher.

“We are in a fortunate position that the staff were able to get in and that’s the key. If there are not enough teachers in then you can’t safely run the school.

“Our site supervisor came in on Sunday to prepare the area and finished it off on Monday morning.”

Headteacher at Delapre Primary School, Harry Portrey, said: “I drove over to the schools twice on Sunday to make sure I could get across the next day. Teachers came in early on Monday and volunteers and site supervisors cleared the paths at the school.

“All but two staff managed to get into school and some came from 15 miles away, in the villages. They parked their cars at different places on Sunday night so they could get out in the morning with the snow. They went way beyond what we can expect.”

Jackie Lapsa, headteacher at Vernon Terrace Primary, added: “We are fortunate that most of our children live locally and most of our staff live within Northampton itself. The main roads were fine.

“We need to keep the schools open whenever we can.”