Heavy rainfall helps Pitsford to ‘full’ level

Rushmere Road flooded due to heavy rainfall.
Rushmere Road flooded due to heavy rainfall.

Prolonged rainfall in the past six months has helped refill Pitsford Reservoir from a drought level to almost full capacity.

This time last year the reservoir was only 52 per cent full and a drought order was issued in March when the reservoir was only at 62 per cent of its capacity.

But a several months of heavy rainfall has replenished the reservoir so it is now 93 per cent full, above the average expected.

A spokesman for Anglian Water said: “There has been unprecedented rainfall this year.

“The recharge period has continued throughout the summer and September, which has never happened before.

“The level of Pitsford Reservoir is pretty much at the level we would expect now, if not marginally above.”

The spokesman said having more water than expected was a much easier problem to deal with as Anglian Water could drain the reservoir or stop pumping water in.

Meanwhile, the heavy rainfall on Saturday night caused problems for motorists in Northampton after surface water covered the bridge in Rushmere Road which had recently been repaired by Northamptonshire County Council.

A spokesman for the county council said the flooding was due to the amount of rainfall in such a short period of time and was not related to the recent work on the bridge.

The spokesman said: “The drainage gullies in this road are clear and are functioning. However there has been so much rain recently and such intense rainfall at the weekend, the drains reached capacity and struggled to effectively drain the water away.

“The recent works in Rushmere Road were to repair the underside of the bridge but some resurfacing work also took place.

“Drainage gullies were cleared out on the road at this time as part of the wider works.”