Heavily pregnant woman on quad bike rides to aid of M1 motorists near Northamptonshire

Steph Loakes with 17-month-old-daughter, Mollie.
Steph Loakes with 17-month-old-daughter, Mollie.

A woman, who is seven-and-a-half-months pregnant, mounted a quad bike to deliver food and drink to stranded motorists after the M1 was shut for nine hours.

Steph Loake, 29, lives on a farm near Haversham in Buckinghamshire and drove a quad bike to the carriageways before climbing over a barbed wire fence, up a motorway bank before crossing the central reservation.

The photographer and mum-of-one then handed out home-made ham sandwiches, crisps, biscuits, Coca-Cola and fruit to groups of people, including a fellow pregnant woman.
She said it was the least she could have done for the people who were stuck.

“I went to speak to a woman nearest to me and asked if there were any families around or anyone who were hungry and a lady said there was another pregnant woman so I gave food to her,” she said.

Steph, who is mum to Mollie, lives on a farm with her husband and daughter 300 metres away from where some of the vehicles were stuck on Wednesday.

“The motorway bridge goes through the farm, I knew there was something wrong because it was so quiet,” she adds.

“I guess it looked funny to everyone - I’m about seven-and-a-half-months pregnant.

“The quad bike is the quickest way to get around.”

Naomi Higby was one of those appreciative people resupplied by Steph.

She said on social media: “My saviour, I had no snacks in the car and eight hours is a long time to go without food when preggers myself.

“The ham sandwiches were ‘delish’.

“She restored my faith in humanity- what a lovely lady.”