Health Bus comes to Northampton to give advice on winter illnesses

NHS Health Bus
NHS Health Bus

An NHS ‘Health Bus’ will be coming to Northampton to help people tackle winter ailments as the weather turns colder and wetter.

The launch of the new bus comes as part of the NHS three-month ‘Feeling under the weather?’ campaign to help those most at risk avoid common weather-related health conditions.

Open to the public from 12-2pm at Northampton Central Library on January 17 next year, the bus will offer mini check-ups and advice in winter wellbeing from NHS team members.

It will also be available today at Asda in Kettering until 4pm.

The service is aimed especially at those most at risk, including people over 60 and their carers.

Northamptonshire hospitals have recorded their busiest ever winter so far in A&E departments, with increasing numbers of patients which, they say, put more pressure on hospitals and services.

Dr Darin Seiger, GP Chair of Nene CCG, said: “The NHS is here to help people in a range of ways – it’s not always about seeing your GP or going to A&E.

“We are doing everything we can to make sure that everyone knows the best way to manage if they suddenly become ill, which is often not to go to A&E.

“If you do get ill or sustain a minor injury you can get quick and convenient treatment through self-care or from your pharmacist. Your local pharmacists also offer a wealth of healthcare information.

“We want to encourage people with a bad cough, cold or sore throat, to pop down to their local pharmacy for some quick health advice on the best ways of caring for themselves.”

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