'He is fighting all the way': Father of alleged assault victim clings to hope 14 weeks on

Daniel Butcher with fiancee, Hayley.
Daniel Butcher with fiancee, Hayley.

The father of a pub-goer, who was allegedly hit in a one-punch assault outside the Bantam Pub over three months ago, has said he is putting up a strong fight.

Daniel Butcher, 30, of St James was injured in Abington Square at around 3.10am, on Sunday, June 25 and remains unresponsive after coming out of his coma.

Dad, Sean Butcher said his son has now been moved Royal Leamington Spa Rehabilitation Hospital where medics will assess Daniel for two weeks before making any further decisions.

He said: "It's a waiting game, we have to hope we get something out of it. He has done well to make it past one day but now it's 14 weeks that's a massive positive.

"He has had so many infections but he is fighting everything at the moment, he is fighting all the way. If he survives it we know he will be in for a good run.

"He gets lots of visits, his mates still come over. The amount of support he has is unbelievable - it's good that people are keeping in touch."


'He is fighting all the way': Father of alleged assault victim clings to hope 14 weeks on

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