Harry takes skydive leap to back cancer charity

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A Northampton man whose childhood cancer has returned, is challenging people to face their fears with a skydive for CLIC Sargent.

Harry Barrett, 24, from Spinney Hill, was diagnosed with a rare cancer of the spine when he was 10 and underwent surgery to remove the tumour. It left him with scoliosis of the spine, a limp and chronic 

Twelve years later, in December 2010, law graduate Harry was studying for a masters when the tumour reappeared in the same place, a 100-1 occurence.

Harry said: “I was told I could only have the really intensive radiotherapy that I need twice in my life because it’s so risky. I’ll have it in a few years and then again a few years after that.

“I’ve been told I have around 30 or 40 years left of my life. I’ll take that – it’s not so bad.”

“Obviously when my tumour returned, it was even more concerning, and I was at an age where I actually realised what could happen. That really impacted on my family.”

To raise money to help young people like Harry, CLIC Sargent are holding a 13,000ft skydive challenge at Hinton Airfield near Brackley.

Harry is urging people to take part to support the charity that have helped him through his cancer journey:

He said: “I can tell you from first-hand experience that the money raised from events like these go so far in helping young people with cancer. I urge and challenge you to give it a go.”

The skydive is taking place on Saturday, March 9 and Sunday March, 10. To take part call 01865 767 049.

Harry Barrett has been provided with social and emotional support by his CLIC Sargent social worker, who has provided him with advice on a future career and helped him to explain his situation to his university. CLIC Sargent also gave him a grant to buy new clothes after the steroid made him pile on weight. 
“Shelagh used to visit me at home and I felt like I could say anything to her and she continues to help me to this day. She’s non-medical, so it always felt like I was chatting to a friend,” Harry added.