Happy 107th birthday to Northampton's oldest woman

At 107, Phyllis Paul is Northampton's oldest woman.
At 107, Phyllis Paul is Northampton's oldest woman.

This weekend marked the 107th birthday of Northampton's oldest woman who still remembers where she was when Britain declared war on Germany.

Phylis Paul received her fourth card from Her Majesty The Queen on Saturday (December 15) as she celebrated with her family and friends.

She has lived in Northampton her whole life - and at 107, she is now the town's oldest woman.

Mrs Paul said: "I don't feel any different really. I wouldn't have reached this age if I didn't have such wonderful people looking after me."

Mrs Paul was born in Ashburnham Road, Abington, on December 15, 1911.

She was 17, when she met her husband Frederick on a bus while coming back to town from a day in the countryside.

She said: "We were meant to meet up the next day but I stood him up. Then he came to my house asking for me. While he was there he helped fix my father's radio set. After that, that was it I suppose."

They married in 1932. But she still remembers the Sunday evening dinner they had in September 1939 when the Second World War began.

She said: "We were listening to the radio when they told us Britain had declared war on Germany. My father-in-law, who had been injured in the Great War, only said, 'God help us'. I don't think any of us expected it to go on as long as it did."

During the war, Phyllis worked in one of The Mounts' shoe factories closing the tops on boots.

She then worked as a cleaner at County Hall for 24 years, when it still served as Northampton's courts.

She had one son with Frederick, and now has two grandsons and a total of seven great-grandchildren. Sadly, Frederick died in 1980, just two years short of their 50th wedding anniversary.

Today, Mrs Paul says she is enjoying her life at Nicholas Rothwell House, off Harborough Road.

One of her carers, Nikki, said: "She's amazing. At 107, she's doing great. Even on her worse days, she'll do everything she can. She's so thankful for everything people do and is an absolute pleasure to know."