Hairdressers in Northampton town centre fined £350 for unloading goods from car rather than a van

Emma Boddington has personally had five parking fines outside her business address
Emma Boddington has personally had five parking fines outside her business address

The owners of a Northampton town centre hairdressers have been given 10 parking fines for unloading goods from their car rather than a van.

Ben Holloway and fiancee Emma Boddington, of Rockabelles, have had five tickets each in three months outside their basement premises in Dychurch Lane.

They used their car to unload furniture and other bulky items when they set up the salon, as well as to deliver dehumidifiers after a recent sewage leak.

But parking wardens have issued tickets on 10 occasions and subsequent appeals have been rejected because strict rules say only vans can wait there on week days.

Mr Holloway said: “I think it’s crazy that if my vehicle was a different shape, I’d be allowed to do exactly what I’m doing now and wouldn’t have to pay out £350.

“It really irritates us that we put in so much money to the town centre in business rates, filling up an empty premises and we fall foul of an illogical ruke.

“It’s not even as if we could have unloaded on Sundays because, as parking is completely unrestricted, and it’s full of cars belonging to visitors to the town.” A spokesman for Northamptonshire County Council, the highways authority, said Ben and Emma were free to use other loading bays further along Dychurch Lane that were unrestricted and said the rules had been in force for 14 years.

He said: “Parking restrictions in Dychurch Lane, Northampton, allow unloading from goods vehicles only.

“The restrictions have been in place since at least 2001 and would have been worked-up in consultation with local businesses at the time, reflecting their requirements.”