'Grungy-looking twins' seen prowling outside Northampton school before car raid

Parents dropping their children off are being advised to keep belongings out of sight after scruffy looking 'twins' and two men in a black van swooped on a Northampton school.

Friday, 9th June 2017, 6:02 pm
Updated Tuesday, 13th June 2017, 3:36 pm
A bag was stolen from a car outside Simon de Senlis Primary School. Two 'twins' were seen looking at cars outside the premises before the incident.

Witnesses looked on aghast as a handbag was taken from a car outside Simon de Senlis Primary School in Hilldrop Road, East Hunsbury at around 9am yesterday.

One woman noticed two 'grungy looking' men she believed to be twins hanging around the school gates, who appeared to be scoping out the cars of parents on the school run.

Shortly afterwards a black van sped down Hilldrop Road, before stopping by one of the parked vehicles.

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The eyewitness said: "I took the kids into school, as I came out of the gate a black van came zooming down the road and came to a stop just opposite school gate.

"A man with a covered face jumped out of the passenger side, popped the window of a car, reached in and grabbed a beige bag off the front seat, jumped back in and sped off. The van was black and had no number plates."

The school and police have been informed of the incident and the force has launched an appeal for witnesses.

Anyone that saw the bag snatch yesterday morning is asked to call police on 101.

The twins were described as being in their 20s with scruffy blond hair and blond beards.