Groundsman at football club asks for help after theft of lawn mower

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The groundsman of a football club in Northampton is appealing for help to cut the grass on the pitch after the club’s £4,000 lawn mower was stolen.

Thieves stole the large Steiga lawnmower after they broke into a locked garage in a secure compound at Northampton Spencer Football Club in Studland Road.

John Sampson, who voluntarily cuts the grass on the pitch, said he was not sure how he was going to carry out his duties now as the club could not afford to replace the lawnmower, which was bought last year.

The lawnmower was stolen sometime between 11.30am and 2pm on January 14.

Mr Sampson said: “They had a lot of audacity to do it in broad daylight. There are a lot of dog walkers in the area, so we would appeal to anyone that might have seen something. It must have taken at least three people to carry it as it is very heavy.”

Mr Sampson said he was now appealing for anyone who may have a large sit-on lawnmower to lend or donate to the club in the spring so he could cut the grass on the pitch. He said: “It used to take me two-and-half hours to do the pitch with the big lawnmower. There is no way we can raise the £4,000 to replace it as the revenues have suffered in the past two months due to no football being played as a result of flooding.”

Anyone who can help Mr Sampson can call him on Northampton 757188.