Grotspot now ‘spick and span’ after Northampton residents track down landowners

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A fly-tipping hotspot near Northampton has been cleared thanks to the doggedness of members of the public.

The site - in Brampton Lane, opposite the Windhover pub - is nominally a car park for users of the Brampton Valley Way, but its concealed nature has made it a magnet for fly-tippers.

Good citizens had tried to report the mess - which included sofas, old carpet, toys, and bin liners full of rubbish - using a number provided on a nearby sign. However, they were met with puzzlement by council officers, who could not pin down who owned the land and therefore who should tidy it.

But a residents’ group, Whitehills and Spring Park Resident’s Association (WASPRA), sprang into action and tracked down the landowners.

They discovered that the land falls within Daventry District Council’s boundary, However, their contractors, Amey, are not instructed to pick up fly-tipping in the linear parks off the Brampton Valley Way.

Instead, these are managed by a group called First for Wellbeing, part of Northamptonshire County Council.

Contrary to the warning sign, it is they who need to be told of any dumped rubbish.

Since the Chron’s online article on the issue this week, and WASPRA’s investigations, the land was clear of rubbish by yesterday.

Angela Bartlett, WASPRA secretary, said: “All we need now is the hedges substantially reduced and the standard to be maintained.”

A pleased Ron Oliver, whose attempts to report the mess to the authorities had prompted the Chron to write an article, said: “It’s now spick and span.”