Gritters to go out across Northamptonshire as road temperatures plummet

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Gritting lorries will be out on main roads tonight across Northamptonshire after forecasts of wintry showers and low temperatures.

In a report published this afternoon, Northamptonshire Highways said lorries would be spreading grit from 8pm tonight on primary routes in the county. Road temperatures are expected to reach -0.5C overnight.

The report stated: “Today is expected to be mainly dry for a time and chilly, with sunny spells. However, scattered showers are possible later on.

“Overnight, it will become colder with patchy cloud and clear spells. There will also be some scattered wintry showers for a time before turning more organised during the early hours and through the morning. Some of the

showers may fall as hail, or even sleet and wet snow mainly over higher ground.

“The winds will also freshen. RSTs (road surface temperatures) will act erratically during the wintry outbreaks.

“During the morning the wintry mix will continue for a time with the risk of some sleet and possible wet snow over the hills. These wintry outbreaks will clear away to leave a drier and cold afternoon with sunny periods.”