Greengrocer helps out University of Northampton student with her final year project

Design student Charly Jansson and greengrocer Brian Harradine
Design student Charly Jansson and greengrocer Brian Harradine

A greengrocer has been helping a University of Northampton degree student with her final major project by providing a steady supply of onion skins.

Brian Harradine, of Harradine’s on Wellingborough Road, Northampton, has been helping out Charly Jansson who is producing a sustainably aware fabric project for her degree.

She has been using natural resources such as onion skins, red cabbage and pomegranate skins to dye naturally sourced fabrics.

Charly needed a vast quantity of skins to dye all the fabric she wanted so to help her out staff at the shop would save a batch of onion skins at the end of each week in order to keep her supplied.

To see more of what Charly was able to achieve using natural dyes, visit the Degree Show at the University of Northampton from June 12 to 21 at Avenue Campus.

Together with a selected group of third year students she will also be exhibiting her work at the prestigious New Designers Show at the Business Design Centre in Islington, London, between June 24 and 27.

Charly is now looking forward to dyeing and creating more natural fabrics as sustainably as possible.