Government apologises after accusing wrong Northamptonshire twin of being illegal immigrant

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The Home Office has apologised to a Northamptonshire man who was ordered to sign on at a police station because he was wrongly suspected of being an illegal immigrant.

Giuseppe Morsello, who was born in Sicilly, was surprised to receive a letter from the Government asking him for details of how he supported himself given he had lived in Wellingborough for more than 20 years.

However he dutifully filled returned the form, only to be ordered by return letter to visit his nearest police station.

Giuseppe’s partner Samantha Williamson, said the pair called the Home Office and argued that Mr Morsello had done nothing wrong only to realise the Government were in fact looking for his twin brother, who had already left the country voluntraily. However, the officials refused to believe them.

She said: “They said we had invented the twin to avoid being deported. The fact that two people with the same surname could share a date of birth had passed over their heads.

“It was a bit of an insult after all these years in this country to be told he doesn’t belong here.”

After several weeks of phone calls, the Home Office eventually admitted their error.

A Home Office spokesman said: “Reporting centres are an essential element of an effective immigration system and helps ensure those with no right to be here are removed at the earliest opportunity.”

“An administrative error led to an incorrect letter being sent to Mr Morsello. As soon as this was established, the reporting request was withdrawn and an apology issued.”