Golf club ordered to stop work on car park eight months ago puts in new bid for part of Northampton battlefield site

Delapre Gollf Club is hoping to get planning permission to extend its car park
Delapre Gollf Club is hoping to get planning permission to extend its car park
  • Delapre Golf Centre was ordered to stop work eight months ago on car park on site of the Battle of Northampton
  • Work was unauthorised and Northampton Borough Council ordered it to stop immediately
  • New planning application submitted and developers say “no significant archeological evidence was found”

A golf centre in Northampton has made a application to extend its car park, eight months after it was ordered by Northampton Borough Council to stop “unauthorised” construction work on the same piece of land.

A planning application has been submitted by Delapre Golf Centre in Eagle Drive to build a new 32-space car park and a 1m by 1m ‘golf ball pit’ on land near its clubhouse.

In January this year, the club was criticised by the Battlefield Trust after it was revealed that top soil had been removed from the site where it is believed the Battle of Northampton was fought in 1460.

The borough council ordered the work to stop immediately as the club did not have planning permission.

The planning statement on the new application states that “following the unauthorised removal of the top soil” the archaeologists have used metal detectors on the site but “no significant archeological evidence was found”.

The report states the area was subsequently laid with Terram in order to protect it and the top soil was placed back over the site in order to prepare it for the car park.

The report, written by GP Planning Ltd, concludes: “The location of the proposed car park extension on a registered battlefield has been considered and it has been concluded that there is no reason why planning permission should not be granted for the development.”

The club is also planning to build a large ‘ball pit’ and dig a channel near the clubhouse so it will be able to use a ‘robotic collector.”

Northampton Borough Council is set to make a decision on the planning application in September.