‘Giggly’ Freddie inspires Northamptonshire school’s fund-raising day

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A school in Northamptonshire held a Wobbly Wednesday fundraising day to raise money for a five-year-old boy with a rare genetic condition.

Freddie is a pupil at Whittlebury School who has Aniridia, which affects his eyes. He was born without an iris which dramatically reduces his vision. He also suffers from Nystagmus, which is an involuntary, rapid movement of the eyes up and down.

A spokeswoman for the school said this created the appearance of ‘wobbly eyes’, hence the name for the fund-raising day, Wobbly Wednesday.

“Freddie is a typical curious, cheeky, giggly boy but everyday he has to overcome many difficulties,” she said.

“Not only does Freddie suffer from these eye conditions but he also suffers from hypermobility, low muscle tone and an inability to judge depth.

“This means that walking any distance for Freddie is traumatic and can cause fatigue and regular falls.

“School trips can cause him to become very anxious. We at the Forest Federation want to support all of our pupils and raise awareness of others’ difficulties,” she added.

On Wednesday January 28, the school asked each child to bring in £1 and some cakes for a cake sale.

“Throughout the day we carried out activities to raise the children’s awareness of Freddie’s difficulties. The children took part in Blind Football, food tasting, making wobbly jelly etc.

“They also had the opportunity to wear special glasses that will demonstrate what Freddie’s sees everyday,” the spokeswoman added.