‘Ghost dog’ found at Delapre Abbey tea rooms, according to Northampton Spiritseekers

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A GROUP of ghosthunters from Northampton claim they found the spirit of a woman and a dog after they looked round the tea rooms at Delapre Abbey.

Northampton Spiritseekers explored the 12th-century building on July 29 using night vision cameras and heat- seeking meters to try to detect any paranormal activity.

Andy Britten, aged 34, leader of the group, said they had seen a woman, believed to be Mary Bouverie who died in the stable block in 1943.

Mr Britten said: “We picked her up at two different ages. One inside when she was about 20 years old and another outside when she looked a lot older.

“I could smell her perfume but she did not really want to say too much.”

Mr Britten said the group also picked up the spirit of a Labrador dog which is believed to have been buried in the pet cemetery behind the tea rooms.

He said: “People that go into the tea rooms with their dogs find that their pets won’t use the back door out towards the garden. This might be because they sense the spirit of the different dogs.”

The Northampton Spiritseekers have also looked round other historical sites in Northamptonshire including Boughton Cemetery, Naseby Battlefield and Salcey Forest.

Mr Britten said: “At Boughton Cemetery we saw a young boy and girl either side of a wall. But the girl could not get over to the other side of the wall.”

The next location on the ghosthunter group’s list is Abington Park Museum.

He added: “I don’t really get scared of ghosts. I think everywhere has got some sort of paranormal activity, they don’t just come out at night.

“Our aim is to prove that Northampton does have lots of history and ghosts living here.”

Mr Britten, who founded Northampton Spiritseekers – which currently has seven members – said he had been interested in the paranormal from an early age when he saw the ghost of his grandfather at the end of his bed.

He said: “I am the founder of this team but in my eyes we all run it. It has taken me since 2007 to get the team together and, being biased, it’s a great team.”

For more details go to www. northamptonghosthunters.webs.com