GCSE GRADES: "Fantastic" results at Northampton High School where two-thirds of all grades are As

Ellie Robinson and her friends collect their results at Northampton High School.
Ellie Robinson and her friends collect their results at Northampton High School.

A quarter of all the girls at Northampton High School opened their GCSE envelopes this morning to find straight A and A* grades.

The all-girls school in Hardingstone is celebrating a "fantastic" set of results today with nearly two-thirds of all grades coming in at A to A*.

Gold-medal Paralympian Ellie Robinson also collected her grades with her friends today, but opted to open them at home.

Ujjesu Choudhary earned a 10 A*s in her results, including top marks in the new, harder English and Maths exams.

She said: "I'm really really pleased. I almost don't know how to feel, it hasn't sunk in yet. It's been quite a stressful year with so many subjects to revise. It's quite relieving."

One in ten girls also earned a 9 in English Literature, the highest possible grade under a new system introduced this year.

Head teacher Helen Stringer said: "I'm really proud of all the girls and our staff. They've done fantastically well.

"What's so great is they've managed to do all this while, say, swimming for gold at Rio, or running triathlons or performing on stage. They do so much more.

"For me, it's all about having absolute confidence in them and just being interested in them as people, and not being focussed on targets."

Northampton's own Paralympic gold-medalist Ellie Robinson collected her GCSE results from Northampton High School today.

She said: "Whatever I get I will be pleased. Passing is the main thing, no matter how I've done.

"I have managed to balance my swimming and school.

"I took some reduced training fit in my exams.

"It actually fit in really well because it is has been a light (competitive) year in the four-year cycle after Rio."