Gavin’s a superstar!

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A ‘SUPERSTAR’ pensioner was rewarded for his good work in the Eastfield community as part of a special awards ceremony.

Eastfield Residents’ Association held its first Pride of Eastfield Awards at the Ex-Servicemen’s club in Sheep Street, Northampton on Saturday night, to mark the effort residents in Eastfield put into their area.

Thirty people, including councillors, PSCSOs, the Friends of Eastfield Park group, church and community group leaders and individual residents, were awarded on the evening.

Gavin Field, aged 87, was presented his award at home due to his health and mobility but was commended for being a ‘superstar in Eastfield.”

Mr Field, who lives with his wife Mary, aged 82, and has two children and four grandchildren. has been a member of the residents’ association since it began eight years ago.

Born in Northampton, Mr Field served in the Navy before moving to Eastfield 55 years ago. He said: “I think the area has been neglected and we are trying to get a community spirit up and running. The association works as a team and anything we have achieved we have done together. I haven’t done anything by myself.”

Vice-chairman, Anna King, said: “Mr Field is passionate about Eastfield and has attended residents’ meetings since they started. We just wanted to give him a little something back for what he has done. He definitely is a superstar.”