‘Gas chamber’ survivor dog goes missing

Simba the dog has gone missing.
Simba the dog has gone missing.

A dog which narrowly avoided being put to death in a “gas chamber” in Spain last month, has now been reported missing in Northampton.

Simba, a mixed breed Ibizan hound, was adopted by Mireille Anderson, of Dallington, in September shortly before it was due to be put down in a Spanish pound.

Simba the dog has gone missing.

Simba the dog has gone missing.

Mrs Anderson was walking Simba near Hackleton last Saturday when it slipped off the lead. The last sighting of the dog was in farmland near Hackleton.

Mrs Anderson said: “If Simba had not been rehomed by us he would have been put in a gas chamber at the end of September.

“We have had him about a week-and-a-half and I never let him off the lead as he is still very traumatised.

“We were in some fields on Saturday when he took fright and the catch came off his collar.

“We must have spent two hours looking for him and the last sighting of him was near the Bedford Road in Hackleton.”

Simba is described as “a very unusual looking dog” and looks like a giant scottie dog with very large ears and a long black rough coat.

He is friendly but very scared so anyone that sees him is advised to use a calm approach. Simba is a Podenco breed of dog which are mainly found in Spain and the Canary Islands where they are used to hunt rabbits, with many living short and unhappy lives.

The people who hunt with Podencos often treat their dogs badly, keeping as many as 15 in a small cage and feeding them irregularly and infrequently.

At the end of a hunting season, many hunters abandon their animals and they are then kept in pounds where they are then gassed to death if they remain unclaimed for a long period.

If anyone finds Simba, or knows anything that could help, call 07821 132563 or email info@findsimba.com.