Gang jailed after foiled robbery attempt in Northamptonshire village

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A gang of men whose attempted burglary of a Northamptonshire house was foiled by a set of vigilant neighbours have been jailed.

Vasile Visan, was caught running away form a botched break-in on Graves Lane, Paulerspury on March 12, by a group of three neighbours, who held onto him until police arrived to arrest him.

He was one of five Romanian men who had tried to raid the house that night.

Officers later tracked down Gheorge Cozma and Deofil Minea waiting in a car on a nearby layby on the A5 and arrested them as they had on them identical walkie talkies to Visan.

Two other men, Marius Oprea and Sorin Turcan, were apprehended by a police dog after they were reported walking suspiciously down the A5 near Potterspury. Turcan’s hand was bloody from where he had attempted to break the house window.

A 20-month prison sentence was handed to Turcan as he was also convicted for a separate burglary in January.

Visan was jailed for 13 months, Minea and Cosma 11 months and Oprea ten months.

Sentencing them at Northampton Crown Court, Judge Michael Fowler said: “The burglary you all committed in March was very serious, attempted though it was.

“It was only prevented from occurring because of the vigilance of neighbours and the courage that they showed.”

Judge Fowler added that he felt it was a ‘planned and carefully executed’ burglary.

All five men, who are Romanian nationals, of St Pauls Road, Luton, had pleaded guilty to the offence at earlier hearings.