Gambling addict from Northamptonshire stole £3,500 through online ticketing scam

Nathaniel Gamble
Nathaniel Gamble

A 21-year-old Northamptonshire man who took money for music concert tickets and then failed to deliver them has been locked up.

Nathaniel Gamble tricked people into handing over cash after he advertised tickets online for events such as a Calvin Harris gig.

In most cases, Gamble failed to deliver any tickets or provided passes that were counterfeit.

Northampton Crown Court heard Gamble carried out his fraudulent activity from May to August.

As well as offering nonexistent music concert tickets, Gamble also claimed he had tickets for sale for the 2015 FA Cup Final.

In total, Gamble amassed more than £3,500 from his criminal activity.

James Thomas, prosecuting, said Gamble, who has a previous conviction for fraud, advertised the tickets on Facebook using a number of different identities, including that of a woman.

He also used his mother’s bank account, without her knowledge, to store some of the money he received.

Mr Thomas said Gamble was sentenced to 15 months in a young offender’s institute in July 2014 for a similar fraud offence, with 65 victims.

The court heard he was released in October 2014 and began reoffending in May the following year.

Mr Thomas said Gamble told officers he’d had a gambling problem since he was 15 and all the money he had received had been spent on his addiction.

His Honour Judge Michael Fowler sentenced Gamble, of Westminster Crescent, Brackley, to 15 months in a young offender’s institute.