Gallones comes to the rescue after Northampton boy was shouted at by different ice cream worker

A seven-year-old from Northampton was left in floods of tears after he was shouted at and told to speak up by an ice cream worker.

Wednesday, 27th March 2019, 4:31 pm
Updated Wednesday, 27th March 2019, 4:51 pm
The little boy from Duston was left feeling really happy on Sunday after Gallones called round to cheer him up.

Coby from Duston has always dreamt of becoming an ice cream man because he believes they make lots of other children happy and he plays the Gallones theme tune at home.

But on Saturday (March 23) when he went rushing out of his front door, after a thirty minute wait, he placed his order with the driver but was shouted at because he was talking to quietly and came away crying.

His mum Stacie said: "Watching from the window, I was mortified when he walked away from the van in tears.

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Gallones stepped in to cheer up the little Duston resident who only wants to be an ice cream man when he grows up.

"The man shouted at him, several times, for speaking too quietly. The vans are quite noisy and my little boy just didn't realise.

"What kind of person in this role shouts at kids to the point of tears? He just wanted some ice cream. He was visibly shaking with fright. He was too upset to eat it in the end, and charged a lot of money for something he didn't want."

On Sunday (March 24) Gallones made a special visit to Coby and came to his rescue to lift the spirits of the little boy once again.

Stacie added: "They offered to send a van to the street in the original [Facebook] post and he waited at the window all day extremely excited to see them.

"He heard the tune about five minutes before they arrived and was jumping all over.

"It's very kind as it's not the hottest weather and it wasn't Gallones who upset him."