Gallone’s to open its biggest ice cream parlour yet in Northampton

The unit in Abington Street where Gallones will open in two weeks' time.
The unit in Abington Street where Gallones will open in two weeks' time.

A Gallone’s ice cream parlour set to open in Abington Street will be more than double the size of its predecessor in Northampton, the company has said.

The famous brand opened its first, 25-seater parlour in Kingsthorpe two years ago.

Now the former Connexions unit in Abington Street is set to be a Gallone’s franchise, seating 60 people and offering children’s birthday parties when it opens in two weeks’ time.

Aldo Gallone, managing director, said the success of the Kingsthorpe parlour has prompted an expansion of the franchise.

In two years, it has been joined by a parlour in Market Harborough and another in Bedford, which opened just last week.

A fourth premises will open in Leamington next week, followed by the Abington Street parlour the week after that.

Mr Gallone said: “Although we’re not able to run all the premises ourselves, there’s enough demand to justify these franchises, which will sell our ice cream for us.

“I thought I’d just see how it went [with the Kingsthorpe parlour] but it doubled my expectations. People just love being able to walk in and see all the flavours in front of them.

“There’s nothing like seeing a kid’s face light up when they walk in and you can see them thinking ‘where do I start?’”

Gallone’s believe that Abington Street is a good location because of the two hours’ free parking nearby, and the ability for parents to drop off children outside Abington Street for parties, where they will be able to make their own ice cream.

The parlour will offer 32 flavours of ice cream as well as waffles, banana splits, smoothies and hot drinks.