Frustrated headteacher issues warning over parent parking at Northampton primary school

Image: Google maps
Image: Google maps

The headteacher of a Northampton primary school has published an exasperated plea to parents not to use the staff car park to drop off their children.

Harry Portrey posted a tweet from Headteacher@DelaprePrimary urging parents to think before they park.

"Staff car park AGAIN - Staff car park is for staff and not for those parents who may be late for dropping off or find a few extra steps inconvenient. Action will be taken against anyone ignoring requests," he tweeted.

In an earlier tweet, Mr Portrey highlight a car that was parked inconsiderately.

"Reported that a Silver Ford Escort this morning was parked on the corner of Delapre St. Please be aware of others around the area - park appropriately and park considerately," he said.