Fruit man ‘Fitzy’ to stand as independent in race for Northampton parliamentary seat

Eamonn Fitzpatrick and MP Micharl Ellis.
Eamonn Fitzpatrick and MP Micharl Ellis.

A well-known Northampton fruit and veg seller has announced plans to leave the Green Party in a bid to concentrate on his own campaign to run as an independent candidate in next year’s general election.

Eamonn ‘Fitzy’ Fitzpatrick, who has a stall on the Market Square, will have one “last throw of the dice” to replace current Northampton South MP Brian Binley.

He said: “I’ve enjoyed my time in the Green Party, me some lovely members and learnt quite a bit more about their ideas and policies, most of which I generally agree with.

“But, with the general election looming I feel I must strike out on my own again and have another crack at being an MP.

“That means setting up as an independent, most likely for Northampton South.

“You could call it it a ‘last throw of the dice’.”

Mr Fitzpatrick criticised the Tories for introducing “sweeping cuts”, and branded the Liberal Democrats a “big disappointment”.

He added: “UKIP don’t tell you if we pull out of the EU, the price of fresh fruit will treble in price.

“As for Labour, don’t even go there.

“I think we independents can do well if the people of Northampton are prepared to back us.”

Northampton Conservatives have previously announced David Mackintosh as their candidate to fight for the seat.