Friends of Northampton murder victim David Brickwood urge witnesses to come forward

David Brickwood
David Brickwood

Neighbours and close friends of murder victim David Brickwood, who worked as a scrap metal dealer for more than 50 years, have described him as “the heart of the street”.

Mr Brickwood, aged 74, died in the early hours of Saturday morning after he was violently assaulted in his own home.

David Brickwood

David Brickwood

On Monday, friends and family continued to place flowers outside his home with more than 70 bouquets now lining the wall outside the property in Lindsay Avenue, Abington.

Mr Brickwood had lived in Lindsay Avenue more than 50 years and ran a scrap metal business from his address.

Close friend Tina Dixon said Mr Brickwood was the “heart of the street” and was always prepared to help out his neighbours.

She said:: “He was a lovely man, a gentle person who would do anything he could for people.

Picture: Tom Flathers

Picture: Tom Flathers

“People would drop scrap off to him and would offer to help people if he could. He was a very well respected person and I just can’t believe anyone would do this to him.”

David Smith, one of Mr Brickwood’s neighbours, said he was extremely helpful and would put people’s bins out for them if they had forgotten.

He said: “He was a scrap metal dealer and was always working in his garden. He was a very popular guy.

“He was a very generous, kind-hearted man and would let people have some of his scrap metal goods, He once let me have a toaster.”

Conservative MP for Northampton North, Michael Ellis, said Mr Brickwood’s death was a “horrific crime” and has urged anyone who knows anything about the murder to contact police.

Mr Ellis said: “This was an appalling and violent attack on a much-loved man in a close-knit community in Northampton

“I am in close touch with the police sector commander for the Abington area to monitor the impact on the Abington community.

“This was a horrific crime and I would urge anyone who knows anything to contact police.”