French woman touched by Northampton bridal shop’s show of solidarity

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A French national has written to a Northampton shop owner to thank her for a window display showing solidarity with her homeland.

Deborah Griffiths, owner of Lola Bridal in Wellingborough Road , made a change to her window display on Saturday and recieved a number of comments in support.

She says she also received an email from a woman called Manon.

It read: “As a French national, the horrific events of last night shook me to the core and, like many people I’m sure, began to grow a cold terror in my


“Unfortunately due to circumstances out of my control I could not make it to Trafalgar Square to stand in solidarity with my brothers and sisters, so to see an appreciation for the Parisians we lost in your shop window brought me so much happiness in such dark days.

“I don’t know if you have any links with France, but to speak on behalf of the French people in Northampton also, thank you. For appreciation, for remembrance.”