French sports retailer backs campaign to renew Brackmills Business Improvement District

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A firm based on the Brackmills estate in Northampton has backed the campaign to renew the area’s Business Improvement District (BID).

The Brackmills BID team was set up in 2009 and businesses on the estate will vote later this month on whether to extend it for another five years.

Benat Patry Duchen, UK logistic manager of Decathlon, which opened its first UK logistics headquarters on Brackmills earlier this year, said: “Brackmills is a centre of gravity for logistics in the UK and when we were seeking a UK base we were particularly impressed by this estate’s focus on safety and security. With this location we can reduce our transport costs since deliveries formerly came from France, reduce our retail price due to these savings and ensure close to 24-hour leadtime deliveries for our @commerce.”

Decathlon is Europe’s largest sport retailer with 70 sports under the same roof. The new site has been set up to provide goods to its 15 UK-based stories and UK website orders.

Benat added: “Since moving here we have also valued the fact that this estate has its own estate manager, a single point of contact for all communication. We want all this good work to continue so will be voting yes and trust that our neighbours on the estate will do the same thing.”

Peter Hannon, a Brackmills BID director and managing director of Harting UK, an interconnection components company based on Brackmills, said: “Crime has dropped by a dramatic 60 per cent since Brackmills became a BID and this is down to our commitment to security, our CCTV cameras, dedicated Police Community Support Officer and the hard work of our Estate Manager. All of this will end if we don’t vote to continue as a BID so I urge companies on Brackmills to vote yes.”

Sara Homer, BID executive chair for Brackmills, said: “In 2008 Brackmills was a decaying industrial area, with crime at an all-time high. That would still be the same today if we had not come together to form a Business Improvement District and only by voting yes will we retain and build on all our improvements and successes.”

Brackmills recently launched its new Business Plan, based on feedback and surveys completed by Brackmills businesses, which outlines the estate’s plans for the next five years, including improvements to broadband, traffic calming, gritting, lighting, CCTV, a dedicated PCSO for the estate and facilities for eating, meeting and relaxing.

The deadline for voting is March 27, and the result will be made on March 28.