Free tests for dyslexia offered to Northampton children

A Northampton psychologist is offering free diagnostic tests for young children as she believes falling school budgets are struggling to cope.

Wednesday, 30th January 2019, 4:35 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th February 2019, 7:55 pm
A screenshot of the game that children taking the Dyslexia Diagnostics test play as part of the free assessment. It is called Dyslexia Quest which was developed by Nessy Learning.

Nisha Tanna, from Wootton, works with parent education authorities to help spot dyslexia in children and reduce the effects in the classroom.

But she has taken to advertising free basic screening tests for children aged between five and 16 years so any problems can be ironed out early - something many schools cannot offer.

She said: "There is limited funding in schools to do it, yet a diagnosis is something that can be very important for a child.

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Nisha Tanna says many schools can longer afford the type of screening tests she is offering free of charge

"Children with dyslexia can be branded as naughty or disruptive but it's often just frustration. That can have significant consequences on their lives.

"I see adults now who were ridiculed for being unable to read aloud in class.

"Yes, some schools do offer tests at age seven, but for parents that's a long time to wait."

The outline test is in the form of a game, which gives a profile of strengths and weaknesses.

Parents can decide to either explore the way forward with teachers or let their child catch up to their peers in their own time.

Nisha, whose company is Dyslexia Diagnostics, said: "With over 10 per cent of the population being dyslexic and 1 in 5 children experiencing anxiety and stress, there really is a need for support. Therefore I want to be able to give something back."