Free taxi telephones to be installed at Northampton General Hospital

How the free phones will look
How the free phones will look

Phones that allow taxis to be called for free are to be installed at all major exits at Northampton General Hospital.

A deal has been signed by Amber Cars that will see the phones installed within the next month

Currently only accident and emergency has the free phones.

David Sherwood, manager of Amber Cars, said: “In four weeks when they are all installed customers and staff in the hospital will be able to pick up a freephone which will call us directly saving them money booking their taxi.

“Also every payphone in the hospital will have an 0800 number directed to us, plus all switchboard phones will have a direct dial to us.”

The deal has been signed with Infopoint, which installs and maintains the public phones at NGH.

The service is part of the £80,000 invested by Amber cars over the last six months, including a booking app that accepts card, cash and account bookings.