Francis Crick family call for ‘helix’ statue to move to Market Square


A cousin of Francis Crick has said he would like to see the ‘double helix’ statue moved to Northampton’s Market Square when Abington Street is opened up to traffic.

Brian Dickens, who runs Dickens Brothers, in Kettering Road, said he had been contacted by Councillor David Mackintosh, leader of Northampton Borough Council, to ask his view on where the statue should be positioned if it has to be moved.

Francis Crick was the co-discoverer of the structure of DNA and attended Northampton school for Boys as a lad.

Mr Dickens said he had told the council leader he wanted the statue to be where it was most visible.

Mr Dickens said: “I am concerned the statue may be moved to an office building or the university campus where not many people will see it. It should be in the town centre and the most obvious place would be the Market Square.”

Councillor David Mackintosh said he was consulting with the Crick family on the future of the statue but said no decision had been made.

He said: “The changes to Abington Street will mean that the Francis Crick statue will have to be moved, and I think it is an opportunity to relocate it to an appropriate and fitting place.

“We have spoken to, and consulted with, a number of people but the final decision will be taken in March. It is very likely the statue will remain somewhere prominently in the town centre in order to fully recognise the importance of Francis Crick.”

The Francis Crick statue was installed in Abington Street in December 2006 at a cost of £100,000, funded by the Lynn Wilson Foundation. The 25ft structure was designed by Lucy Glendinning after her design was chosen by a panel which included Francis Crick’s relatives and councillors.