Four-year-old girl organises Den Day at Northampton home for Save The Children...and raises an amazing £575

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A four-year-old girl from Northampton raised an amazing £575 for Save The Children after being inspired by her fund-raising aunt.

Holly Barker, who will be starting school at Kislingbury Primary School in September, organised a Save The Children Den Day on Friday for her friends at the family’s home in West Hunsbury.

Her proud mum, Katie, said the idea came while they were on holiday last month.

“Each night while we were away, the maid would leave a little wrapped sweet on Holly’s bed. She said she wanted to keep them and give them to her friends when she got home as she thought this would be a nice thing to do,” Katie said.

“We then got talking about charities one night as her aunt had recently raised lots of money for a hospice who have been treating her terminally ill father.

Holly said maybe we could do something to raise money for charity too to help other people and then use these little sweets to tie to balloons to give her friends as a ‘thank you’ for coming to the event,” she added.

After hearing about the Save The Children appeal to raise children’s awareness that not all youngsters have a safe place to live, Holly and her mum organised a Den Day at their home.

“She came up with lots of her own ideas for Den Day including making a video which we posted on a Facebook group I created, Holly’s Den Day,” Katie explained.

“She thought of lots of games herself to raise money, catch a fish, guess the teddy bears name as well as a raffle. She also helped me bake lots of cakes to sell on the day too.

“I am so proud of how she embraced this event and hard she worked, on the morning while we were getting things ready, she kept asking ‘what’s next on the job list Mummy?!’

“I never for a second imagined that we would raise so much money, I thought maybe £30 on the day would be an achievement so to raise a total of £555.50 is just incredible!”

As for Holly, she is delighted by how much was raised.
“She is so proud of herself - every time we talk about it she just beams with pride,” added Katie.