Former stray cat has found a loving home at a dog charity in Northamptonshire

A former stray cat is settling into an unlikely new home... at a retired dogs charity warehouse in Northamptonshire.

Wednesday, 7th December 2016, 1:35 pm
Updated Wednesday, 14th December 2016, 1:43 pm
Former stray, Lenny

Five-year-old Lenny was adopted from Cats Protection by the owner of the Retired Greyhoud Trust Store warehouse in Sywell, which is used to run its online store.

After settling into his new home, the black cat now spends his days meeting and greeting visitors, as well as entertaining staff and curling up in the boss’s chair.

Tracey Dyett, fosterer at Cats Protection’s Northampton Branch, said she was thrilled the Retired Greyhound Trust had been able to offer Lenny a home.

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She said: “Having been a stray, Lenny isn’t very domesticated, and while he will enjoy a fuss or a stroke, it’s very much on his terms. We knew he needed a home with plenty of space and freedom so we’re thrilled he could go and live at the Retired Greyhound Trust’s warehouse.

“We’ve been enjoying hearing how Lenny has settled in. He is clearly a team player and we suspect he believes he’s management material, as he already has a reputation for pinching the boss’s chair.”

She added that Cats Protection frequently finds homes in working environments for cats in its care.

She said: “For some cats, a traditional home is not suitable and they may need more space and freedom. Other cats may struggle to be in close contact with people, normally because they weren’t properly socialised as kittens.

“We’ve homed cats to all sorts of places such as garden centres, farms and pubs, along with other charities such as The Donkey Sanctuary.”

The Retired Greyhound Trust homes nearly half of the 8,000 greyhounds that retire each year.

Rachel Poole, Merchandising Officer at the Retired Greyhound Trust, said staff at the warehouse were smitten with their new feline colleague.

She said: “We find loving homes for hounds every single day and we realise that a pet can feel at home in any space, large or small. Similarly, we feel that there is a greyhound for the vast majority of home settings, with and without other dogs and cats. We would urge people to consider a greyhound as their next canine companion.”