Former soldier kicked out of army for drug taking is jailed for theft

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A former soldier who was kicked out of the Army for taking cocaine while serving in Germany, has been jailed for stealing money from his sister’s purse.

Andrew Hamill pocketed £320 to spend on alcohol to feed his drink problem, an offence he has since admitted was an “all-time low”.

Northampton Magistrates Court heard Hamill’s sister had given him permission to stay at her and her partner’s house, as he was struggling to find permanent accommodation.

But after coming in drunk at around midnight on December 7, Hamill helped himself to the money from the purse.

Hamill, aged 22, of Lindisfarne Road, Corby, admitted a charge of theft from a dwelling. The offence put him in breach of a suspended sentence, which has now been activated.

Colin McGregor, prosecuting, said: “The defendant’s sister went to bed with her partner at about 9.30pm and the defendant came in about midnight.

“The next morning, she went through her purse to pay for a taxi fare and couldn’t find the money.

“The defendant denied taking the cash at that stage, but later admitted it.

“He was drunk and spent it on drink, because he has a drink problem.”

Andrew Gibson, mitigating, said: “He accepts he stole the money, and it is something he is upset about, to say the least.

“He commits offences while under the influence of drink or drugs. It is an all-time low as far as he is concerned.”

Regarding his previous offending, Mr Gibson added: “He was doing well, but was introduced to cocaine. He was detained and eventually kicked out of the Army.