Former Barratts factory sign repainted on wall in Northampton

Painters have erecetd scaffolding on the former Barratts shoe factory
Painters have erecetd scaffolding on the former Barratts shoe factory
  • Original ‘factory shoe shop’ sign dates from the 1960s
  • It was repainted in 2010 after complaints from businesses housed in the building
  • New sign is similar to the original but does not include the pointing finger

The wall of the former Barratts shoe factory in Northampton has been restored to its former glory five years after it was controversially whitewashed.

The listed building in Kingsthorpe Road, now known as Barratt House. has since the 1960s had a painted sign on its northern wall directing the public to ‘walk round’ the ‘factory shoe shop’.

The sign after being repainted in 2010

The sign after being repainted in 2010

In 2010, it was whitewashed then repainted with the reference to the shoe shop omitted in response to complaints from businesses in Barratt House, who were irritated by the number of people asking to see the shoe shop

The building houses offices and is now owned by McManus Taverns, who also own the nearby Barratts Club, and they have now been instructed by Northampton Borough Council to repaint the wall, albeit not in exactly the same way as it looked previously.

The new signage sees the word ‘Barratts’ repainted in the original font and the replacement ‘footshape boot works’ words repainted to match.

The council said that, after discussions, the developer submitted applications to the local authority in 2011 for Listed Building and Advertisement consents to restore the sign in keeping with the original but with revised wording.

The original sign

The original sign

These applications were the subject of public consultation and approved.

The applications lapsed before the developer had carried out the work and identical applications were resubmitted in November 2014 and approved in December 2014.

A spokeswoman for Northampton Borough Council said: “As part of our duty to protect the town’s heritage we have been working with the developer to see that the sign is restored.

“It will be good to see the sign finally restored and our planning enforcement officers are due to visit to ensure the sign is as it should be.”