Firm offers charities free office furniture and helps raise money for Cynthia Spencer Hospice

The team at acs in Northampton
The team at acs in Northampton

A business in Northampton is offering charities free office furniture as well as raising money for Cynthia Spencer Hospice when chairs are sold to the public sector.

The firm, acs, is working with Dalepak & Lockheed Martin, has around 1,000 chairs to give away or sell.

Dan Walker, acs furniture sales manager, said: “To give these chairs a second life to benefit charities and the public sector made total sense. It was all able to happen through different thinking at acs and the generosity of Lockheed Martin donating the chairs and Gary White at Dalepak storing them.

“To register your interest, please email quantities you would like and whether you can collect, and acs will schedule a visit with yourselves,” he added.

Any charity can make an appointment to visit Dalepak and take away selected furniture free of charge.

“In addition, the chairs are being made available to the public sector such as schools, Colleges, Universities, Councils & businesses at a nominal £5 per chair, with the money raised given to the outstanding Cynthia Hospice in Northampton.

“The operation is part of acs’s commitment to reduce the amount of recyclable waste going to landfill.”.

For details, email Daniel walker at